Winter classes

Our French cinema/discussion (advanced level) classes and art classes (all levels) will resume in the Spring session!

Language classes

Absolute Beginners (A1)
With Michael Klimov

8 week session, starting Monday, February 7
Mondays, 6:30-8:00 pm- on ZOOM

Are you ready to kick-start your French education? First time learning French? Get an introduction to the basics of the French language and the Francophone world in a fun environment! Learn basic vocabulary and French sentences to introduce yourself and interact in everyday situations. Focus on real-life conversation from the start! Students will also learn some French grammar and structures as well as discover aspects of French culture.

We will use “Saison 1 A1” - Textbook - Éditions Didier - ISBN 978-2-278-08265-0 (Available on Amazon. Not included in registration).

French Classes: Absolute Beginners (A1)

Conversation for Intermediate High and Advanced levels (B2/C1)
With Chantal Joubi

8 week session, starting Monday, January 10
Mondays, 6:00-7:00 pm- on ZOOM

If you have an intermediate or advanced level in French, this course is for you. The goal will be to have fun while speaking French. These meetings will be both engaging and dynamic and conducted in a friendly and respectful atmosphere. You will explore the language but also French and Francophone culture. Through various activities, including movies, videos, newspaper articles, songs, games, dialogues, you will improve your comprehension and speaking abilities.In this class, you will practice your reading and listening comprehension as well as your oral expression with authentic content from French online articles and short videos about current events.

French Classes - Conversation Intermediate/Advanced (B2/C1)

Advanced Beginners (A2)
With Michael Klimov

8 week session
Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 pm

This class is a continuation of the A1 first session class. It is also for students who have basic notions of French.

Here is a list of what students should be able to do to take this class:

  • You can greet people and answer a greeting.
  • You can ask how someone is and say how you are.
  • You can spell out your first and last name and other words using the French alphabet.
  • You can ask and answer questions about the day and the date such as “what is the date today?” or “when is your birthday?”
  • You can introduce yourself, talk briefly about your family and pets as well as your likes and dislikes.
  • You can ask questions to someone about their family, pets as well as their likes and dislikes.

We will review these notions in our first class. We will continue to explore the basics of French language with emphasis on speaking in a fun and relaxing environment. We will learn some grammar, conjugation as well as discover aspects of French culture.

We will continue to use “Saison 1 A1” - Textbook - Éditions Didier - ISBN 978-2-278-08265-0  - Available on Amazon - Not included in registration

Please check your level here

French Classes: Advanced Beginners (A2)

Intermediate level (B1) 
With Cathy Varela

8 week session
Mondays, 4:30-6pm

If you are at the intermediate level:

  • You can understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar subjects such as work, school, leisure activities, etc.
  • You can manage in most situations that come up when travelling in a region where the language is spoken.
  • You can produce a simple and cohesive text on familiar subjects or subjects of personal interest.
  • You can narrate an event, an experience or a dream; describe a desire or goal, and outline reasons or explanations behind a project or idea.

Please check your level here.

In this class, you will practice your reading and listening comprehension as well as your oral expression with authentic content from French online articles and short videos about current events. Also you will review conjugation and grammar in the textbook "Saison 2" - Éditions Didier - not included in the price of the course and must be purchased separately - Available on Amazon - ISBN 978-2-278-07753-3

French Classes: Intermediate level (B1)

Language and culture

French Heritage Class
With Alexis Kanamugire

8 week session, starting Saturday, January 15
Saturdays, 11 am- 12 pm

This class is open to French- speaking young people, ages 14 to 18, (Grades 9 -12), who do not want to lose their French proficiency. It will be taught by an experienced francophone teacher, in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Due to the present Covid situation, AFduME Heritage Class will be given via Zoom, not in presence at IWC, Portland, as it was originally advertised. Please sign up and a Zoom link will be sent by the Teacher. Many thanks for your understanding.

Please contact us to request free admission to the heritage class.

French Heritage Class

Théâtre francophone
Advanced level
With Mary Okin

9 week session
Thursdays, 12-1 pm

In this nine-week French Theatre Reading and Discussion course, we will read and discuss three plays in class, one French, one Quebecois and one Acadian. We will spend three weeks on each play and we will enrich our reading with discussions of the important elements raised in the plays in relation to history, society, culture and the French, Quebecois and Acadian language.

We will read Art by Yasmina Reza, Les Belles Soeurs by Michel Tremblay and La Sagouine by Antonine Maillet. The books are available for purchase on Amazon.

Théâtre francophone: Advanced level

French cinema/ conversation
Advanced level
With Mary Okin

8 week session
Mondays, 5:30-7 pm

For this French film discussion session, we will focus on social dramas (or dramatic comedies) and expand our scope to include Quebec films. During this eight-week session, we will discuss important themes in film, such as life and death, racism, homophobia, mental or physical disabilities, family relationships, friendship, the education system, etc. We will watch four French films and four Quebec films and we will discuss the differences between them: differences in language, culture and commonalities. We will watch one film each week before class, and then we will discuss it together in French through Zoom. Our discussions will touch on important issues raised in the films. We will watch the following films: Les Intouchables, Les Invasions Barbares, 10 jours en or, Gabrielle, La vie scolaire, Réservoir, Les goûts et les couleurs, and Mr. Lazhar. All movies are available either on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

French cinema/ conversation

Café des artistes- Art class
All French speaking levels
With Manon Whittlesey

4 week session
Thursdays, 6:30-8 pm

Experience the creative process while making art - en français! Using watercolor and mixed media (all basic affordable materials) - we'll explore simple techniques to a backdrop of French music and themed drinks. A real multisensory experience! All levels of French and artistry are welcome. Come join us at the Café des Artistes with an open mind and open palette!

Café des artistes- Art class

Language and well-being

Yoga in French
All levels 
With Chantal Joubi

6 week session, starting Saturday, January 15
Saturdays, 9-10 am- on ZOOM

Yin Yoga is a slow and meditative form of yoga. You will hold postures for a longer period of time while breathing and relaxing into them. This class will help you stretch and relax your mind and body. The class is taught in French and is for all levels.

Yoga in French

Aerobic dance
All levels
With Chantal Joubi

6 week session
Saturdays, 9-10 am 

Aerobic Dance is a fitness class with French music and fun filled dance moves. It will engage all your muscles and make sure all the popular muscle building moves such as squats and lunges find a place. It will tighten and tone your body from head to foot. The class is taught in French and is for all levels.

Aerobic dance

Adult Class, Mindfulness/Conversation

with Maïté
Founder Institute for Integrative Mindfulness and Movement
NCPT Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher & Comprehensively Certified Pilates Master Teacher Trainer
IMTA CMT-P International Mindfulness Teachers Association, Certified Meditation Teacher - Professional Level
UMMS MBSR University of Massachusetts Medical School, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher
Monday, 9am-10am, 4 week session Starts October 5

Wanted to practice and learn meditation but could never find the time?

Join us and enjoy a Mindfulness class from the comfort of your home.

Our French-American teacher Maïté will guide you through a series of practices via Zoom.

You will learn to live more fully in the present moment while practicing Mindfulness and French thanks to a variety of practices and sharing of experiences though conversations.

This course might be of benefits to your health, reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and help with emotionally calm mental and physical states.

All levels welcome.

Event in French/English.

I will send you the Zoom link a couple of days before the class.

French Classes: Mindfulness/Conversation

Children Art classes, ages 5-10

with Marie-Gaëlle Casset Ford, French teacher.
every Monday 3:30 to 5 pm
Oct.: 5th, 19th, 26th, Nov.2nd, 9th and 16th

"A la Joseph Cornell"

Please join Marie-Gaëlle Casset Ford for a zoom art in French class. We will explore collections, assemblages, paint and collage.

Ages 5-10 y. o.
Space limited to 4.

Email Marie-Gaëlle: for a list of supplies and start collecting!

French Classes: Children Art Classes, Ages 5-10

Woodworking & crafting in French

Adults (16 yrs +) - all levels - $45 per class- 2 to 5 persons per class  

Studio Artisane is a new workshop space for inspired DIY-ers who want to learn new creative techniques. Based in Falmouth, the Studio offers a number of different workshops each week, the majority of which focus on wood and wood-working tools such as drills and saws.  Most workshops are designed for beginners. Build your own bookshelf, wall decoration, furniture, woven mural, jewelry holder, paper art... Our course schedule is designed to spark your creativity and allow you to make seasonally-themed works of art!

Thursday, March 12, 5pm-8pm : Let's build a giant chandelier to illuminate our life during the year.

- For more information, contact Sandrine: Registrations at