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Meet author Philippe Dewost

March 23, 2023 @ 4:00 pm

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Meet Philippe Dewost, author of “De Mémoire Vive-Une Histoire de l’Aventure Numérique” (“Random Access Memories (RAM)-A History of the Digital Adventure”)

“…if you don’t understand why your children speak to their smartphone placed horizontally in front of their mouth (they send out “voices”), if you wonder how we managed to connect to the Internet when there was no PC, if no one around you makes the connection between an audio cassette and a pencil-eraser, this book is for you.”

The “digital revolution” has ended, and we did not realize it. But it is without memory: there are only futurologists and almost no historians. And yet, this short and intense period bears its share of tragedies, heroes, victims and lessons.

In twelve chapters covering the period 1990 – 2021, “From Living Memory” revisits, through the experience of its author, selected moments in the history of Tech: burying GPS in each of our pockets, the fight between IBM and ATT which gave rise to American telecom regulation, the reign of the “9 keys”, the 3G bubble, the disappearance of Nokia, the revolution of user interface, moving from from operating system to system operation, the invention of the cloud by a bookseller, … Each of these adventures leads the reader to ask themselves different questions, to identify non-intuitive principles, to understand what governs the digital economy.

“Random Access Memories (RAM)” is aimed at many readers: public and private decision-makers, students, and more generally all those curious to learn more. Among the themes developed in this history book rich in anecdotes, include the following:

  • digital ignorance remains great when everything is before our eyes and nothing has happened by chance.
  • everything is political, up to and including the Metaverse. It’s all in the art of regulating to your own advantage.
  • in this field more than anywhere else, the only limit is talent and a few individuals can change the world more profoundly than established companies or governments

In order to get the most out of this rare opportunity, we encourage you to order the ebook version (in French) now!

The event will be in English and is FREE to the public.

RSVP by March 20th and we’ll send you the link for the event.

About the author:
Co-founder of the internet service provider Wanadoo and former director of a start-up acquired by Apple, Philippe Dewost inspired French Tech when he led the “digital” investments portfolio at the major French bank Caisse des Dépôts. Now the Managing Director of EPITA, a major engineering school in computer sciences, he regularly speaks at conferences, particularly on the anthropological issues of the post-digital revolution.


March 23, 2023
4:00 pm