Nicholas Aro

Nicholas Aro is a high school teacher and dancer from Boston. He currently teaches French and English as a second language at Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield, where he lives with his cat Erica and husband Brandon. Nicholas has a great passion for travel, languages, human relations and dance. He is bilingual in French and English, is learning Italian and understands Spanish. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degrees in French language, literature and pedagogy from the University of Massachusetts Boston and Middlebury College, respectively. Thanks to his life abroad in France and his frequent travels, he has made connections with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Identifying as an LGBTQ+ man, Nicholas has always embraced diversity and never questioned the idea that we are all connected as humans and that we can very easily rediscover our connection through communication, music and dance. By studying and then teaching languages, Nick was able to live and demonstrate this truth and his passion, but there was always one element missing.

It was in France, while completing his Master’s degree in the summer of 2022, that he discovered the power of dance fitness in action. It was in Marseille, when he attended his first dance fitness class in person, that he felt the joy, power and renewal that only dance fitness can produce.  He felt his life change; dancing in a foreign land under a golden sunset with a diverse and enthusiastic group of dancers overwhelmed him. He left the event with a reborn sense of fire and joy. A year later, Nicholas finds himself certified as an instructor and ready to lead sessions in French! Bring your joy, some water, a smile and get ready to shake your booty!